About Us

The Call for Unity is a call for rational, structured conversations about the issues of the day, and building tools to support these conversations.  Most of our work is influenced in part, by Confucius’  idea of a Rectification of Names. We often have a hard time communicating, but far less so when we 1. understand the behaviors and roles associated with various positions in government and family 2.  clear well defined understandings of words and their scopes (is mass transit the train system in Berlin, US airlines, or Alabama bus schedule)

The full work done under the auspices of thecallforunity.org also encompasses a broad array of legal research, and filings regarding serious issues with the United States government’s ability to adhere to it’s own laws. While this may seem at first to be completely outside of the earlier stated mission, and is certainly game for at least separate departments, the chief thrust of several of the cases is that words clearly stated on paper designated “Supreme Law of the Land” do not seem to be in effect, and that most of the controversies arise from a failure to execute said laws, stemming from a failure to understand the roles.

Climate Change work has been a thrust; both communication, financing, products, and rejiggering the litigation towards national security risk have been major foci.


A bright shining algorithm, collecting and connecting, sharing a fundamental understanding of how things work and providing context to the meanings of words.

A bright fire of humanity living loving and toiling under the light of day in the dark of night,  the life we trend toward heaven.