The Call for Unity

It’s been the longest it will ever be.

We’ve got to talk. We’ve got to focus our dreams, and learn more about the things we care about, and the strides we make in our own lives will reach for the greater good.  We’ve got to fundraise.  The special thing we only show to people who donate

The conversation about our resources and our government’s roles and responsibilities, has got to be more sensical than this. The Call for Unity is taking people’s commitments of small amounts of time, and looking to take their wishes to discussions of real action.

15 minutes a week to answer questions to both get your opinion, give you access to your elected officials, and your local organizing groups,  and to quiz you on the issues of the day.

Alone, this will change the dynamics of local political races completely.

All of this with our Privacy Policy, which needs it’s own post, but no personally identifiable information exists to us, ever.  Because we deliberately keep it seperate- and government requests can only produce a 6 month lag on customer notification.

We’ll also be hosting qualified discussions- via on-line and in person qualification exams  on the issues and topics of the day.

Our goal is to figure who to listen to different subjects.

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