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1 anniversary/introduction

What we look to accomplish- the call for Unity

What the problem is

We need a more civil and educated discourse in this country, leading to concrete action on the issues of the day. We need to clarify the debate itself, simplify it as much as possible- which usually can be pretty simple- the solutions, the trade offs, are far less so.

We need solidify these conversations around core facts, figures, and identify the key arguments and perspectives, and be able to evaluate these . It would be good to have a transparent algorhithm or score, a rating if you will of problems and their relative magnitudes. We need to be able to look at historical and international perspectives on the problem at hand and how they are addressed in other places, and be able to look at and evaluate different potential solutions grading them.

There are far too many issues out there, far too much to know for busy citizens to be able to hit upon by chance. It’s like dissolving the school system because we have Youtube.

We need information, and a process we can trust, our representatives to be idealogically consistent

Fake news- media slants, a war on the truth, culture perspective war, masking actual wars, and subtle, rarely talked about changes to meanings of the laws, the way they are enforced, election shenanigans, massive deficits and giveaways to the rich- subsidizing the wealthy on the backs of the middle class, and with the debts of a nation – none of these began with Mr. Trump. These things pre-date Jesus Christ. It is more naked now, and for younger folks it is more real- as people used to President Obama’s calm eloquent and professional manner – get a taste of what us in our 30’s and 40’s experienced under George W. Bush and the relentless and frankly transparent lies that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.. unchallenged by the media landscape, owned as they are by companies whose stock prices are boosted by military spending. Again, an order of magnitude worse, at least in public decorum Nor should we be under any kind of illusion that everything is hunky dory under Democratic Presidents; under Democratic Presidents the land of the free is still the home of the jailed, with more people in prison than any other in the history of human kind.

The Call for Unity

It’s been the longest it will ever be.

We’ve got to talk. We’ve got to focus our dreams, and learn more about the things we care about, and the strides we make in our own lives will reach for the greater good.  We’ve got to fundraise.  The special thing we only show to people who donate

The conversation about our resources and our government’s roles and responsibilities, has got to be more sensical than this. The Call for Unity is taking people’s commitments of small amounts of time, and looking to take their wishes to discussions of real action.

15 minutes a week to answer questions to both get your opinion, give you access to your elected officials, and your local organizing groups,  and to quiz you on the issues of the day.

Alone, this will change the dynamics of local political races completely.

All of this with our Privacy Policy, which needs it’s own post, but no personally identifiable information exists to us, ever.  Because we deliberately keep it seperate- and government requests can only produce a 6 month lag on customer notification.

We’ll also be hosting qualified discussions- via on-line and in person qualification exams  on the issues and topics of the day.

Our goal is to figure who to listen to different subjects.

Unity Community Communication Application

Community Communication Application


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You’re going to see how a few minutes a week can make for a better democratic republic, and cut down on email bloat, while making your voice and that of people like and unlike you counted. You’re also going to help us attract attention and get this thing moving forward, just by filling it out and giving feedback.5 minutes is a maximum it will take you.
Step in to the future of civic engagement