North Korea situtation Sept 3 2017

North Korea September 3, 2017

You catch more flies with honey, than vinegar


The negotiations with North Korea must include carrots, and not just a stick. To any and all who like working with people promising to beat them rather than people promising billions of dollars in revenue, please, raise your hands, get counted. The recent Iran deal is a template; instead of a military fight expensive, bloody and drawn out, the long term stability of their country, and additional resources via trade, wins out and nuclear weapon development is stalled.


Promise of opening, not just closing trade; nations that have good trade relationships rarely threaten war, as it’s not good for (non-military business). Sanctions too, while a useful tool, must be understood to be a weapon of economic warfare, sometimes, none the less deadly for the people of a nation; especially for one often on the brink of famine. It will not be the military leaders who will not eat for lack of resources. It is also possible, that further sanctions may isolate, and make desperate a nation with little else other than firepower. Hungry, isolated, desperate nations, like people with lots of firepower is a very very dangerous situation

Trade package possibilities :


Fukishima waste processing: An opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, Japan does not know what to do with the waste and wants to throw it into the ocean. Unacceptable; there is too much pollution from too many sources; if we are using nuclear we must find a way to do it without slowly poisoning ourselves. Nor is it a risk that needs to be taken by the rest of the world for a Japanese corporation’s mistakes.


North Korea has nuclear scientific capabilities that are a cost to their economy rather than driving economic growth. Taking on a contract to process nuclear wastes, would allow them to profitably shift their existing resources from a huge loss to a huge gain- as it should be a 2 billion + contract. In addition, this would develop technologies that will be valuable for other nations, as nuclear waste processing is necessary in all countries with nuclear capabilities.Possibly- depending on security assessments of the technologies, American companies could develop nuclear technologies in North Korea that would be a hard sell, and decades to break ground on here in the US. But with a model up and running somewhere else…..


A country that outsources as much labor to Asia (America)- rightly or wrongly- could offer a rich partnership to a nation like North Korea with a promise of trade. North Korea is an industrious nation with minerals and skilled work force; there is little doubt they are ready or near ready to increase work loads with trade.


A 10 year pact of non-interference in North Korea’s political operations, signed at the UN would be an offer for which even a Kim Jong Un would have to find palatable- and the United States would find hard to break.


It is important to know the history of the deals- while this site can hardly claim to be objective, skepticism regarding the Bush Administration seems healthy. Bush, Clinton-carter agreement and North Korea It seems as though plutonium bombs were developed in North Korea because the Bush Adminstration reneged on a Clinton era deal to provide heating oil for the North Koreans.


Stick and foreign engagements:


It was not necessarily a mistake by Mr. Trump to give a promise of real consequence should America be attacked; willy nilly appeasement, with the idea that one can get away with whatever one so desires is a very dangerous sentiment to be allowed to exist. Therefore the swift assurance that pre laid military options will commence immediately from certain attacks on America and her allies is essential.  That

The recent pivot, though, of North Korea only understands one thing, is dangerous beyond measure. It is also contrary to what Mr. Trump led people to believe- which is that not only was he for less American interference in other nations, but that his role would be that of a superior negotiator. As mentioned previously, Carter and Clinton were able to forge a long term agreement, until the Bush administration decided to renege on it for unclear reasons, so there is a precedent for such agreements.


To be clear; legally, until Congress formally declares war on North Korea; or North Korea fires at Japan or Guam, Mr. Trump’s ability to wage war, to launch attacks, using the US military forces is exactly the same as Ahmed Johnson, baker’s assistant from Poughkeepsie. Which is to say, absolutely none. Something I was slow to mention, preferring to leave the full legal realities unfully stated to provide diplomatic cover, but not a the risk of real war.The United States was meant to be a country slow to war, and it is far and away past time most of the processing of these situations and the decisions be through an international body, like the United Nations. Far too much of our federal government’s day to day attention is drawn away into these unproductive, expensive in $$$, expensive in human lives, and expensive in our national attention, our national debate.  America, while still quite great, a leader in the world, needs to do some work at home, and our own democracy requires attention.  Trusting the body created to manage these issues is not an usurpation of our sovereignty, rather, it is the re establishment of it, and the clearing of our head space for what it should be on- our domestic interests.




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