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Daily American Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Greenhouse Effect History

Daily American Carbon Dioxide emissions, per capita

Daily American Carbon Dioxide emissions

19 Billion Pounds per day, just from oil.

Total Daily American Carbon Dioxide emissions of the United States is nearly the body weight of all 324 million citizens every single day.

In your name, 100+ pounds of Carbon dioxide is burned into the atomospher every day of your life part of the Daily American CO2 Emissions on the order of 40 billion pounds today, tomorrow and the next day, after a few decades that adds up.

Worldwide CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by 40% from 280 ppm to 410 ppm in 50 years.

For perspective

For perspective, your significant other’s weight gain of 40% is 150 to 210. A sign that something significant is happening you needs to talk about. Your body weight in CO2 into the atmosphere every day?

That’s absurd, every way you slice it. and science? Scientific and mathematics geniuses developed the theory in the 1800s. Fourier in 1820’s describes the effect of carbon dioxide to warm atmospheres, as part of his project to uhhh ho-hum calculate the energy of the Sun on the earth, and came to the realization the gaseous layers must have an insulating effect . Not well known outside scientific circles his work is likely used in every manufacturing laboratory in the world and will be as long as humans have laboratories. He wrote the mathematics for the verification of equations developed from observations ??? I can write that but not understand that, you dig, this guy was on, and people verify his work thousands of times a day. Other Super scientists Tyndale, and Nobel Prize winner Svante Arrhenius wrote the book called “Global Warming” describing the modern theory exactly down to the now measured change in the oceans in 1896.

If the science is too new for you when will you accept cell phones?


  1. Gases composition is a slightly more complicated version of insulation for the earth.
  2. Mankind’s emissions are absurd and have increased one type of insulation by 40%- a lot of extra blankets.
  3. We could live the SAME lifestyles with less than half of current resource usages.

We haven’t talked yet about the very real possibility that this would all end in a biblical end times scenario, and for the biblically hideous waste of resources for no material benefit other than a poorly calibrated incentive management system.

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