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This will increase the power of the vote

0 commentsUncategorized Snapshot Mission: Help humanity move toward a rational discourse and better decision making for itself, by facilitating educated conversation, and developing the tools to organize communities. Contact Phone: (347)286-8248 Email: Web: Twitter: @thecallforunity Summary The Call for Unity wants to increase education and participation in the community for major issues, and enable ….  Read More

Unity Community Communication Application

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Community Communication Application   Strategic design for the human organism. You’re going to see how a few minutes a week can make for a better democratic republic, and cut down on email bloat, while making your voice and that of people like and unlike you counted. You’re also going to help us attract attention and ….  Read More

What’s new? 2-15-2016

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  We were recently privileged enough to work as a part of Citizens Squad, whom we are diligently trying to poach for our own purposes, that is, the advancement of the human race as a unified species/mass organism, in the hacking the system hack athon.. the outcome of the day’s work here.   Less recently, ….  Read More

Prince v. USG

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United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York Case Reference: U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania Civil Action No.15-1917 Priority: Highest- Declarational and Constitutional violations killing Americans As the issue of rampant police violence and extralegal use of force clearly is part of a national set of patterns and practices, violating ….  Read More

Current major content

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Rebuilding America- Climate change mitigation, economic boom and 3 million jobs, and adds to federal revenue Rebuilding America: Climate mobilization Broad platform for a better America: Prescription for America, Rebrand the Law, how we think of government, and Rebuild America 2015 Prescription for America Rebrand and Rebuild from Darrell Prince