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Daily American Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Greenhouse Effect History

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Daily American Carbon Dioxide emissions, per capita Daily American Carbon Dioxide emissions 19 Billion Pounds per day, just from oil. Total Daily American Carbon Dioxide emissions of the United States is nearly the body weight of all 324 million citizens every single day. In your name, 100+ pounds of Carbon dioxide is burned into the ….  Read More


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The world’s oldest coin is the image here of the Lydian Lyon 600 BC, Turkish liege? Croesus now available for only $829 dollars on Ebay(click) , which we happily accept via mail though we ask notice of deliveries of 522 or more, as our upstairs rare coin box is so small. Link to donate via ….  Read More

Upgrade America

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21st Century Upgrade for America The greatest economic expansion since WWII post war boom, using government loan guarantees to attract massive quantities of private capital into a simple vehicle for rapid action upgrade to American built infrastructure, energy, transport systems. Benefits: 3 Million new jobs, 140 billion+ in additional tax revenue, 1st year 6.4% GDP ….  Read More

Climate file 17-1042 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals

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Addenum to existing Complaint Darrell Prince                                      : The United States 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Case Number 17-042 USA Plaintiff’s Direct Plea to the Court   Your honor(s). With the permission of the Court, I will address it directly. As the Court is no doubt aware, the Constitution is conspicuously sparse on anything that can ….  Read More

Emergency Injunction- Climate II

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Darrell Prince, Plaintiff in Pro Se                    Case Number      17-1042 IN THE UNITED STATES EASTERN DISTRICT COURT FOR PENNSYLVANIA DARRELL PRINCE, Plaintiff in Pro Se V. Defendants Majority Leader of United States Senate; Mitch McConnell 317 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 The President of U.S. Senate; Vice President Joseph Biden 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, ….  Read More