Strategic Design for the Human Organism

Write a blog. For your own site? Curious, curious idea. So NEW YEARS (better blog title?) resolutions are Goals.For the Up coming year, and a year, and in this case a decade long review. I am generally an advocate of better recording of cycles, and the matching something akin to what they call Key Performance Indicators in fancy business consulting speak. Revenue is always first, time for revenue is the owners side of paycheck dollars per hour. What are the Key Performance Indicators of my life, and my business and where am I on the progress of this soon to be expiring decade. So I looked back to a post I had when my primary website was called Alg0rhythm, from 2010, the precise start to the decade. And as I just Facebook posted (for sure a future time signature reference for the start of the Information Age) I start the new decade with a heightened focus on the execution of tasks in month cycles and daily structured activity, and look forward to the new… year bringing definition to the topics laid out in this post from the start of 2010, just added as a separate WordPress instance on this domain, but that it’s still without comments function speaks comments, but the content still strikes mighty intellectual blows, that could be the start of something very, very, real and very wonderful for us all, and an ease to the headaches of this gnarled branch of very solvable problems we’ve been talking about for decades.

So strategic design for the Human organism, perhaps we unveil the the Mitochondrian

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