It’s been a long time UNity- Education Vison Connection

Bold goals. Long overdue.  But we need this now more than ever, and the difference definitely must be reflected in my own role in my own responsibilities for situations.My own pain over my failures over not having done better for myself was truth but also was some weakness that needed to die immediately, and had to be recognized for it’s inherent duality. As Eleanor from the Good Place, would say, we might as well Try.

THiS vISION OF MINE WAS CONTROVERSIAL AT OCCUPYWALLST.ORG But the world is still and always will be a better place with this construction. Please take some time and a couple of looks and let me know how you can help. But the focus is on bringing forth a new cycle of this image we will focus on for exactly one week and structure it’s parameters into something new, but likely structured similarly.. and equally blessed if it is not. an Alg0rhythm indeed, first structure iterated by a 0.


Focus document on function of Occupy Wall Street’s structure group. But was controverisial with Occupy Wall Street people