Motion for immediate action on Climate Change filed 12-30-2016 US Court of Appeals Pennsylvania Eastern District



COME NOW Plantiff Darrell Prince, pursuant to Constitutional law here move this Honorable Court for emergency injunctive relief, and in support would state as follows:

1. The federal government of the United States of America, has been aware of a massive threat to the Republic for nearly 40 years- dating back to the Nixon administration, there were memos about losing cities. The observations, and theoretical framework have been built upon since before the Civil War, by scientific founding fathers like Tyndale, Fourier, and early 20th century Arrhenius(Nobel prize laureate)
2. CO2 levels have increased by 43% over the last 50 years- the US, just from oil, puts 15 billion pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere, every day. Methane has increased by similar amounts, and is 86 times more powerful a greenhouse gas.
3. Global warming is, the heating of the Earth, because of fossil fuel burning, releasing heat, and CO2, and methane, which act as insulation for the earth. It is the insulation due to gases that allows temperatures on the earth to support life on it.
4. Global warming is a man-made acknowledged threat, to the stability of life in the United States, currently, by the US government, the President, EPA, NOAA, NASA, DOE and DoD, as well as the UN, and every major scientific organization on the planet, and the subject of remarkable consensus in the field of study of >90%
5. In the Northeastern United States, evidence of a clear and unmistakable shift have occurred, in the form of two consecutive 60 degree Christmases, in the third consecutive hottest global year on record.(NOAA)
6. Nature estimates the potential threat at 60 trillion dollars
7. There are several likely feedback loops, from albedo, to permafrost, methane clathrates, that would make the rate of global warming increase exponentially faster- in other words, the more it warms, the faster it would warm, because at a certain temperature- more methane and CO2 than is currently in the atmosphere could be released.(Clathrate Gun)
8. The purpose of this lawsuit is to assure that the elections have proceeded according to the various laws, and potential for conflicts of interest, never before seen in a presidential election are resolved, without the conflicts of interest possible post swearing in, as the powers of the Presidency to confound such an investigation combined particularly in light of a Congress demonstrably willing to pull out all the stops on a partisan basis (the recent refusal to even hold hearings on a Supreme Court spot)make this a priority.


(1) Plaintiff claims have a substantial likelihood of success on merits because the role of government in protecting natural resources, and the lives of the people (American interests) is well established, the threat is nearly universally accepted by appropriate and near appropriate scientific bodies. Similar to a satellite detection of foriegn troop ships setting sail for America, the onus should be on Congress, and the President to demonstrate why with such a dire threat to American prosperity, they would risk inaction.
(2) Plaintiff has no adequate remedy at law because no money damages are involved; though money for corrective actions are sought if appropriate bodies cannot be compelled to acknowledge and deal with a threat well established.
(3) Irreparable harm will occur unless immediate injunctive relief is granted; all emissions at present time must be considered irreversible. We cannot know the tipping point for runaway change occurs- much like radiation sickness, by the time the symptoms make you sick, you are likely already dead but still walking. Currently the trend is clear, that warming is happening is clear.
(4) The relief will serve the public interest; long term societal stability is obviously in the public interest. In addition- the rapid deployment of energy resources, upgrade and the necessary retrofits to every single American structure, would act to bring millions of non outsourceable jobs to every town, city, state in the United States, and primarily the sorts of hands on work that is currently the cause o f low workforce participation rate.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff respectfully request this Court to enter a writ of mandamus or order to show cause for failure to address these issues in a public forum, and failing the ability of the government to come to a decision/ plan to address this at an appropriate scale we ask for 250 billion to be directed towards appropriate actions. The US has been proactive with much less official consensus threats, than 95% of the appropriate bodies concurring, and directed $100 billion per year, and over a Trillion to the Iraq War and subsequent Occupation. Were China or Russia to be sending troop ships towards the United States, and Congress or the President refused to address them, I would expect there to be a demonstration of the reasons for ignoring the safety of the public announced.
Contingent upon the Defendants willingness to develop and implement a plan that has a chance of addressing these pressing issues, we seek 250 billion dollars in budget (5 billion per state, mitigated somewhat by population size) to begin the process of developing the projects and plans capable of
Ramping to a level that could address the threat, and make the US a leader (currently lagging China, Germany, Sweden and France in renewables development and energy usage.) Plantiff will confer with other appropriate bodies as to other appropriate items for relief than sought in this and the original petition (enclosed)
Plantiff also seeks to hold in all current government staff in place to deal with climate change- as the incoming administration has demonstrated hostility to Climate Change science, but not cause or credible disagreement with such science.
Plantiff asks leave to present other forms of relief sought at the time of hearing.
Plaintiff further seeks all such other relief as the Court deems just and appropriate.

Respectfully submitted this 30th day of December 2016 by:

Darrell Prince

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