This will increase the power of the vote
Mission: Help humanity move toward a rational discourse and better decision making for itself, by facilitating educated conversation, and developing the tools to organize communities.
Phone: (347)286-8248 Email: Web: Twitter: @thecallforunity
The Call for Unity wants to increase education and participation in the community for major issues, and enable a larger group communication around the issues.
The Problem
Getting what we want from our government is hard, and keeping abreast of all which is going on is hard to do. We need to be able to change our society for the better more quickly, and to have a democratic republic, we need an informed populace, and our officials need to know what we want from them, far more often.
The Solution
In order to address the continuing problem, the Unity Community Communication Application asks questions of the people, and delivers their will to their public officials door, as an entire community, and enables communities to have short conversations and research on issues, and enables the in person conversations that take action to the next level.
Key Features
The Community Communication Application takes short surveys at the mobile phone once per week, designed to be able to be finished in under 5 minutes, and thoroughly participated in, commented on and researched in less than 90 minutes, with limited questions contributed by city, state and local officials based on address, and also from groups you belong to.
• Delivers highly targeted polling information, for officials and for citizens
• Keeps people informed in small,short doses, what is going on in their neighborhoods
• Gives people a way to participate in democracy weekly, and exert influence over their officials
• Gives groups a way to increase their audience size, giving them incentive to work together
• Gives politicians a way to communicate directly with their constituencies
In the future, we will improve our information display, creating more searchable information and analytics, as well as a public discussion board. We will include special election cues as well.We will display aggregated data to answer questions like: How many people in Harlem support participatory budgeting?”
Target Audience
We see three key constituencies for Unity app. First, the citizens.. For most people working for change cannot be a full-time pursuit. Unity aims to provide a means for these folks to stay informed and ways to add their voices to the movement for change. Second, we will be a resource for professional organizers as well, by gathering data to inform their efforts, providing tools for them to share information and even build support among the more casual participants, and giving them a path to negotiate for a larger audience on key initiatives. Finally, government itself will be able to better communicate with their constituencies.

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The beginnings of system for tabulating votes and building local power…

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