Daily American Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Greenhouse Effect History

Daily American Carbon Dioxide emissions, per capita Daily American Carbon Dioxide emissions 19 Billion Pounds per day, just from oil. Total Daily American Carbon Dioxide emissions of the United States is nearly the body weight of all 324 million citizens every single day. In your name, 100+ pounds of Carbon dioxide is burned into the […]

It’s been a long time UNity- Education Vison Connection

Bold goals. Long overdue.  But we need this now more than ever, and the difference definitely must be reflected in my own role in my own responsibilities for situations.My own pain over my failures over not having done better for myself was truth but also was some weakness that needed to die immediately, and had […]

Branding work, next generation of communication for communities.

1 anniversary/introduction What we look to accomplish- the call for Unity What the problem is We need a more civil and educated discourse in this country, leading to concrete action on the issues of the day. We need to clarify the debate itself, simplify it as much as possible- which usually can be pretty simple- […]

Ideal of Liberalism

2-28-2017 The Science of Liberty Timothy Ferris The ideal of liberalism is universal peace and mutual aid. “The starting point of liberal thought is the recognition of the value and importance of human cooperation,” wrote the economist Ludwig von Mises, “ and the whole policy and program of liberalism is designed to serve the purpose […]

Upgrade America

21st Century Upgrade for America The greatest economic expansion since WWII post war boom, using government loan guarantees to attract massive quantities of private capital into a simple vehicle for rapid action upgrade to American built infrastructure, energy, transport systems. Benefits: 3 Million new jobs, 140 billion+ in additional tax revenue, 1st year 6.4% GDP […]

Updated 9-8-2017 Rebuilding America

REBUILDING AMERICA, Clean and Green 3 Million new jobs, 100 billion+ in additional tax revenue, 1st year 12.5 GDP growth, with an average of 6% over 5 years, and 30  % cut to GHG (with more after testing begins), unemployment down below 3%, better, long lasting products, more money in consumer’s pockets Year 1 (Building […]

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