an important message

Long I have dreamed of writing to communicate an important message, through the distorting lens of negative idiosyncracy credit, or “rep”. I hope this is it, and I am free of the nagging need in my head to make this scenario happen, and I can begin to relax, as I feel that responsibility shifts somewhat, because I have done my part so far, and other people will be emboldened to play theirs. Feeling like I should have done this and not has bothered me for quite some time.

I think we should judge not, lest we be judged. In fact people judge harshly things they themselves have been guilty of. I believe in redemption, thought that may be merely a matter of self preservation. I am regretful for pieces of the past, but optimistic and unwilling to allow past events to shame the course of my actions in the future I anxiously and eagerly await. I anticipate the downtime being exchanged for sharpening of a different aspect. I look forward to the deepening of friendships from past and the present… I know I have not done a very good job of maintaining them. In some ways I feel my story to be metaphorical of America, mighty and full of possibility, wasteful, prideful, too strong to be told when wrong, but still needs to play by the rules to win, just in the process of re-evolution, focusing on making ourselves the best that we can be, and oru light strengthinin the light within others. But I eagerly await our growing curiousity and understanding of one another, our planet and the stars. I await the asking of great questions and our seeking to meet them.
But these days the questions in the national consciousness are not worthy of contemplation. Do we continue our Occupations (to call them wars is an abuse of the language) causing death to peoples thousands of miles away at great expense to ourselves? No is the short answer, and this is not a 10 year question. Do we continue to sell weapons to countries Do we use gas, oil and coal for energy instead of solar geothermal and wind, polluting our air and water? Do we continue to make gigantic quantities of things that can only be used once before being dumped into the ocean?
Are these truly questions we are pondering?
This Christmas we begin the Transition, from the confused days of violence, waste, human killing that will be part of our adolescence as an organism.
On July 4th, 2010 I invoked my right to revolution, through a recording of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as it is one of 12 states to have ratified the Declaration, and PA actually included it in their constitution.* There will be those who will say that it does not have legal weight, and I’ll tell them to learn how to read what is written… which is how the law must be, almost to the letter, and following extensions of the concepts. Specifically at this time I will refer to the appearance of our government to have moved towards plutocracy, environmental disasters and Empire as primary reasons. I list different reasons in the video, which must also be addressed, but mostly it is my hope that this leads to the kinds of discussion, and highlights the need for American education and discussion about what democracy, republic, and citizenship mean, and if we are holding true to the ideals that all people are equal under the law, and free to pursue their happiness.

The reaffirmation of what binds us all together, and the coming to understanding of what the basic human rights are will make us stronger as a nation, and reviewing the law of the land, and that of the native Americans, will begin to move us towards a better world.
I am moving for including access to clean air and water as part of our basic human rights. This will be the basis for the mandating of stringent energy standards, and energy collection systems for buildings and the conversion to electric cars. And the phasing out of fossil fuels, for god’s sake, man, it’s in the name, out of date, thing of the past, so dirty.
The ability of large enough groups of people to move laws onto national and state referendums. The rejection of globalization, and the rise of the local economy and manufacturing base… self sufficient communities. The shifting of military spending to civil engineering research, and scenario training with both military and disaster preparedness on massive scales, so our populace is self reliant, and prepared.
Peace talks in 2011 with the plan I have laid out in another post on my blog.
Over the course of the next day or so, I will try to pump out ideas and methods designed to deal with these so called problems, then I’m gonna relax on this stuff for a while till next week, and throw in a couple more hours.
My Christmas wish is for an end to war, more lovin given and more received. Not just for me, but starting there and a beginning to my travels. I finally feel like I have accomplished something with my day, and it’s a good feeling.

*The implications and arguments about the sort of tree falls in the woods type of significance to invoking your rights wasn’t missed. So I thought if people liked the whole idea that I might repeat the Declaration, on New Years Day, in Philadelphia this time with something of a crowd.

My peace plan for Afghanistan

Changing the wording on this “war” to not be an abuse of the human language, or pretty much a lie, to OCCUPATIONS.. because that is what they are.
I call this strategy very simply

“Food not Bombs”

Declare a complete ceasefire to all areas of an occupied country and send the word by messenger to every village greater than 50 people word of the cease fire, and designated days of feasting, provided by none other than the US government. The first to start the peace talks, the second to celebrate the promotion of the small villages team to the larger villages team, and the third and final to mark the end of the talks.
2 Circles of Peace talks are to commence, to discuss the nature of the infrastructure building Americans (training, materials, labor costs and consulting services plus cost of security) at a total value of half of American total expenditure the first year, and a quarter the second. We will make that conditional upon the safety of our consultants and relative peace .
The Outer Circle will contain leaders from smaller villages who will collaborate discuss feast and get to know one another as well as produce ideas and vote for a team at the end of the first week to join the Inner Circle. The proceedings will be televised and broadcast in every town. The Inner Circle ceremonies will consist of local games as well as US ones. Poetry, music and dance will be featured prominently.
We will also offer scholarships to American universities to several thousand Afghanis/Iraqi. nations also act more favorably towards nations educating their children.
This plan will work. Current expenditures represent more than their yearly GDP, and will ensure the country is in better shape than when we got there.

Reagan as a visionary- debunked

Ronald Reagan as a Visionary, Exemplary President— debunked..

I do this partly out of respect to conservatives; there are great parts to the message; those people have nothing to do with that message.

Ronald Reagan was an actor who starred in movies with chimps. He was also the President of the Screen Actors Guild. He became a corporate spokesperson for GE, then Governor of California. He had a warm and fuzzy voice, very grandfatherly tone, and you couldn’t help but like to listen to the man speak. I was pro-Republican at the time, due primarily to Alex P Keaton on Family Ties.

But, remembering events from the eighties, and how they relate to now….

in the back of a discover magazine, there was an Op ed piece was questioning our funding of Iraq, since it had used gas on it’s own people. But, we were also selling weapons to the Iranians; that came to light during the Reagan adminstration, that, the US was illegally selling weapons to Iran to raise money to fund the Contras, who sought a regegime change favorable to us..
Ollie North got caught red handed shredding documents. Reagan claimed executive privilige and refused to answer any questions.

Executive privilige- i.e. The law does not apply to someone of my rank.

What would happen if you or anyone else got caught illegally selling 20 guns the next town over? To the Hatsfields, and the McCoys?

During that time they funded Afghani rebels, including Al Quaeda, and left such a great impression in ensuring their freedom from the Soviets that they hit our towers 20 years later as the story goes.

But my main problem with Reagan right now, beyond the shrines to “his legacy” are being built, is that he is the first of that trend of Republicans, who break out the budget deficit scare, and then get control of the budget and increase the deficit. Reagan ran his campagin on decreasing the deficit, then increased it, Bush I did the same, also on military spending. Republicans hammered at Clinton on the deficit- wanted the budget balanced. He succeeded*. But as soon as Republicans finally got that tax and spend democrat out of office Junior began deficit spending again, on tax cuts and increasing military spending.

So with the Republicans, are talk about deficit when you’re not in control, and create it when you are.

Ronald Reagan made a significant change- to the way unemployment is calculated… it shaves off about 10 percent- so when you’re reporting 6% it’s actually 16% and when you report 9.6 percent, it’s actually closer to 20%. It’s bad accounting, and it’s really pretty much fraud.

They also began integrating the Social Security revenue stream as part of government spending- in fact, the monies collected from it are put directly into the Federal Budget. Collecting money for a purpose and then spending it somewhere else, is pretty much fraud.

My father used to rail against Reagan’s trickle down theories of econonics.When the rich people got their taxes cut, they would immediately throw that money into the economy, and there would be even more prosperity, and taxes reciepts would be higher because the economy got better.

In fact; spending on Defense, creates jobs and big money spending, which is good for the way that they measure economy- anybody with money in big defense can live comfortably off of shares, since it always goes up. It’s a tried and true strategy for living off money you’ve been handed down.

The only problem with deficit spending on defense is your net gain is the destruction of something else. Wealth is generated when people feel empowered, inspired to create things of value to one another. Not mountains of disposable things, things that have real value and can be used again and again. Under FDR, we got bridges, roads, mass transit, mostly anything big you see came from government spending. Now we have the greatest destructive power known to man, but we don’t build anything at home.

If you account for the increase in deficit spending by the US government since Reagan; the net growth comes to near zero.
and count the real estate bubble as a net loss for the stability of the economy; lack of growth of infrastructure equals a net back slide since Reagan.

I don’t hate Reagan. It’s how it was.

I’m not so great of a person that I can say I never would have done some of the things that were done, with that same group of people it would be hard to do else.

But it needs to be different and better… and I’m not ever going to listen to someone tell me we should reflect back to his lessons.

Tax cuts aren’t much of a stimulus.

The greatest time of economic prosperity in the history of the nation came immediately following the period of greatest deficit spending.

Reagan’s record is nothing to brag about.

*Clinton pushed through NAFTA(makes it easy to outsource jobs) and repealed the Glass Stegal Act (a Depression Era measure specifically designed to prevent the EXACT type of financial blowout that happened in 2008)