The Call for Unity

My name is Darrell Prince.


I think with power of the group attention focus on certain ideas, and the discussions around them, focused on action, rather than rehashing exposition, because anybody in this chat room already knows the basics, so we will be working out value judgements and paths forward rather than arguing tired and irrelevant points to the issues at hand; great information exists on all of the problems humanity has, and it is within the grasp of current technology to achieve any emissions or energy goals within  a 10 year cycle easily. 


The Call for Unity is my structure for dealing with what I believe to be the biggest threat to the human race with 15 minute a week minimums:

this will ensure that you are able to participate as an accredited speaker on our platform.

a commitment of 200,000 individuals to 8 15 minute weeks on a platform is a super engaged user,  will accomplish our goals of addressing the final problem, our greater goal is 1 million engaged users; which will easily bring us to a 100 million dollar valuation , and 10 million in operating revenue, which can be used as both increasing membership and making available services in communities and cooperatives that will expand and improve the historical, financial, and critical thinking skills to bring people to a real understanding of solutions to problems some complex but most simple in context.

the inability to have a contextually aware, fact based and relevant conversation about the issues that face humankind.

I am looking for team members who will make that minimum commitment and help push for a rapid and significant but not overbearing push for a better future, and honest review of the issues facing our society, and being to accept that one’s ideas must grow. This week I hope we be ready to cast content and questions and certifications out into the ether and be well on our way to a revolution in our paradigms and our possibilities, by the 4th of July.  I am  willing to consider branding refinements and have not reached out to the

Our platform will be marked by a commitment to *honest* dialogue, and easy to understand, clear rules and standards for discussion, swift justice, and no mercy for falsehoods; forgiving but honest and measured look at facts rather than affiliations.

I will do my best to separate this platform from what are considered political concerns, though I do not regret my actions in those stances. Rather, the need for sane, learned, solution seeking public discussion of issues and resources that must be independent of any candidate even the most gifted, but also necessarily a tool of those well suited towards answering mankinds questions.


How I integrate political aspirations with the business models I’ve already developed to move no less than 50 billion dollars in secured government same as cash commitments  which will become 500 billion in total spending as guarantee, and a 500 billion in 2 year commitment from the federal government with more the second year after a full business year of state by state program expenditure review and redesign, probably with quarterly reporting and six month reviews.  50 Billion in Research and training with full deployment 2 years from bill signage, 100 billion in first year spending on population proportionate infrastructure spending and 200 billion for year two; mostly to be allocated to emergency repairs, planning and staffing in year 1 and real program spending big for big works projects in year two. 100 billion dollars in the same as cash in year 5 federal loan guarantees expected to leverage as 10-1 bond insurance on 1 Trillion dollars in private capital 


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