The Call for Unity

Unity is a think tank, and action group, meant to address larger scale issues that plague humanity’s existence. Unity has three pillars:

  • Connection:

For the Organizer,

Providing platform service to deliver a tight knit and highly  engaged community of users, and access to much larger audiences by barter.

For the individual,

Representative interaction and intelligence

Allowing Joe Public to engage regularly with all of their representatives, keep tabs,  as well as facilitating an educated national conversation with no one spending more than 15 minutes a week

Take a look at the sample-  proof of concept for your 15 minute per week time donation, which is political polling, communication with your elected reps, and education on the issues of the day.

  • Education:

Defining the necessary pre requisites to an educated national conversation, asking quiz questions so people learn better and gamified

  • Systemic Solutions:

Solving the healthcare crisis, green transition as a rapid and impressive 12 Trillion dollar initative.